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Name:  ____________________________ Address:  __________________________________

Date of Birth:  ______________________   ________________________________

Home Phone #:  _____________________  E-mail:    _____________________________

Present Group:  ________________________________________ (Venturers/Rangers/Pathfinders)

Your Present Section Leader:  ___________________________    Phone #:  __________________

Describe your areas of skill and interest:

I anticipate being available on site by:    Friday a.m. ____,   Friday Afternoon ____,  Friday Evening ____

I understand that my role as a member of the Rendezvous Staff will be to serve the best interest of the Rendezvous Event to ensure a rewarding experience to the participants.  I will be assigned duties and will be expected to carry out these duties to the best of my ability.  I understand that all (Scouting/Guiding) rules of conduct must be followed and I will be expected to wear my uniform as directed by Scout/Guiding policy when requested.

The Camp Relations Team is responsible to ensure participants are kept informed on the program and facilities at the camp.  The team will be expected to carry out good relations with all campers informing them of the program, changes to the program, location of facilities and events and to provide a security role at scheduled times during Rendezvous.

The Camp Activity Team is responsible to assist with all program events as requested and to provide support to Camp Program Activity and Camp Facility Staff to ensure a smooth operation of the program.  This can include assisting in the operation of the Rendezvous activity events and other aspects of the program.

Your role as an Offer-of-Service will be decided on by the Rendezvous Committee but no positions will be selected unless candidates are pre-registered.

The Camp Fee for Staff will be $10.  This will include a Crest, all meals at Rendezvous Cookery, and a share of the Campground fee cost for the use of the Park.

NOTE:  The Camp Fee must be included with the return of this form.
              (Cheque or money order Canadian Funds Payable to "Scouts Canada - Porcupine District")

              Questions should be directed to Ralph Jenkins at   (705) 268-4279  or

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