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General Information:

 * Your group must come self contained.  Leaders are to camp and eat with their own group.

 * Each site will be a maximum of 12m x 12m for each registered group.

 * Only 1 picnic table will be supplied per camp site.  If you have a large group, we suggest you bring
   additional folding tables and chairs.

 * Water will be available at various sites throughout the Park.  Bring water containers to carry drinking water.
   A wagon has also proved useful to transport your water.

 * Campers are asked to recycle cans, bottles, paper and cardboard.

*  Fire wood will be supplied.

*  Open fires will be permitted (weather conditions permitting) in designated fire pits. Not all sites will have fire
   pits.  Campfires must be attended at all times.

*  No bikes, roller blades, loud music, super soakers, or other projectiles permitted.

*  Please advise us with your registration of any special needs that you may have.  We will make every effort
   possible to accommodate you.

*  The showers at the Comfort Station will be available for adults only.

*  There are to be no vehicles parked at the camp site.  All vehicles will be parked in the designated parking

BE PREPARED!!!! Plan for three seasons! Take it from the old timers:  we have seen snow, a lot of rain,
   blistering heat, lots of pesky flies, and of course, the stormy winds; but we have had FUN!!!  Remember,
   this is Northern Ontario and expect the evenings to be cool/cold.

*  There will be a designated badge swap area.  Swapping etiquette will be followed.

Each group must arrive with two copies of the official health form and permission form for each camper.
    The photocopy will be given to the registration desk and the original will remain with the group's first aider.

*  Additional copies of the camp information and forms may be obtained by photocopying this package or
    printing from our web page.

Health & Safety:

 * Please ensure your group follows your Scouting/Guiding regulations as outlined in your policy manual.

* All groups must carry two copies official health form and permission form completed and available for each
   camper.  The photocopy is to be attached to the Health Form Summary and given to the camp registration
   desk.  Please ensure this information is prepared and ready before leaving for camp to avoid delays and
   long line ups at the registration desk.

*  Please report all injuries to our First Aid Headquarters.  Minor injuries should be handled by your group's
   First Aider.

*  First Aid Staff will be on site at all times.  The nearest Hospital is located about 30 minutes away in Timmins.
   There are also medical services available in Matheson, and Iroquois Falls.

Off Site Activities:      (Not available to Pre-Jam participants)

There is a possibility that we will be able to provide three off site activities depending on the number of participants.  Each of these will cost extra for those involved.  To coordinate these activities, we need to know by April 15th how many people will be interested in participating.

The cost for out trips will be up to $15 per person.  Please advise us at the time of registration if your group is interested in an out trip.  Seating may be limited, so register early.


Registration:  Gold Rush Rendezvous 2001 Registrations
                           Box 3
                           Matheson, ON  P0K 1N0

                           Wendy Randall (705) 273-1031            

Administration: Ralph Jenkins (Scouting) (705) 268-4279
                              Linda Gutteridge (Guiding)   (705) 235-5914

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