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Woodbadge 1 woogle (probably on one of the Girl Guide buses from Sudbury

$$ Money found by Parking Lot-Identify amount and it is yours
 2 Green Rendezvous '97  Wawa Baseball caps
 1 Girl Guide Green and White Water Bottle with Spoon and Knife inside
 1 Brita Water bottle-no top
 1 Yellow tupperware drinking cup
 1 Large white baseball
 1 C.D. Disc-"KORN"-follow the leader
 1 Black sport framed sunglasses
 1 Fork with long handle
 1 Locking Blade Knife (Bush Line) Black Handle Grip with Silver Ends
 1 Mediium Blue Sweat Shirt-Northern Expressions with faded Cabin Scene
 1 Blue and White Hankerchief with Floral Design
 1 Yellow and Black Hankerchief
 1 small Golden Tin Sewing Box with Gold and Black Floral Design on the lid
 1 Ouch Pouch-First Aid Kit
 2 Biege pant zippered legs -pants not attached-Justin Bastien 4367?
 1 Green Zippered Kangaroo Sweat Shirt with hood-white interior
 1 Medium Blue "KAMIK" Nylon Jacket
 1 Bottle of Deep woods OFF 30ml pump spray
 1 Pair of cooking tongs with Wooden Handles-left at Dining Shelter
 1 Girl Guide Hat  and Shirt left at beach in activity center

To collect any of the above items please contact
Wendy Randall at 273-1031
or write to me at Box 3 Matheson ON, POK 1NO
Email me at:

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