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I was born in New Brunswick, Canada in the '60s.
My childhood was unforgettable.  I grew up in Germany on  Canadian Forces Base Baden until 1982. 
What an amazing life that was! I won't go into details of my life there, but you can imagine all the places I've been! 
The Base is closed now,  but.....ahhhh, what memories.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

I have a twin sister who lives in Timmins, Ontario with her 7 yr old son, Justin.  My brother, Rob is in Calgary, Alberta with his wife Carrie and their 2 girls Kayla (7) and Krista (5).

This is my family and I!  This pic was taken a few years ago.  Amy was 5 and Andrew was 2.  They are now 9 and 6. 
I am 35 and my husband, Al is 39.
 Al and I have been married for 15 years now. He's my sweetheart!  I continue to love him as much now as on our wedding day.

We're from a Northern Ontario city, Timmins
Yes, Timmins is cold... very cold.  In January it can get as cold as -50C.
We make sure all our body parts are covered before we go out! LOL
Timmins is a Gold Mining city, with our second major industry being Lumber.
Shania is also from here.  The city is in the process of building The Shania Twain Center.  Here she's in her limo during a Homecoming in '97.

The population in Timmins is around 50,000, with most of its' citizens being bilingual, French and English.
Al is a Co-Manager of Bata/Athletes World, and I'm a hairstylist, working at home.
I have also done some volunteer work at the schools, with Guiding, and I was Chair of a Social committee and  editor of a local Newsletter.  That kept me super busy almost everyday!

We've since moved to North Bay, Ontario this past year.  So far I'm really liking it here.  We've taken the kids to the Heritage Festival, Heritage Railway and Carousel and I've participated in numerous events with the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 23 Pipe Band.  I continue to be involved with Girl Guides as well.

One of my new ventures is learning how to play the bagpipes!  I've always loved hearing them, so decided to try my hand at it.  Here, you can visit the Timmins Police Pipe Band, of which I'm a playing member.  I'm now a member of the RCL Branch 23 Legion Pipe Band in North Bay.

I've been involved with Canadian Girl Guides as a Leader since September of 2000! I love the challenge and reward of working with girls ages 9 - 12!
...And yes, I'm  learning how to make all those knots!  LOL
If you would like to take a look at our District organization,
click on the Guiding Link :)

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