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Here are some pics of Andrew's part in this fundraiser.
 I'm the one with the clippers and the tear in her eye ;)

Andrew with 2 firemen before the buzzing! 
Andrew sitting proudly.
He's listenting to the cheers of his classmates.
Half done.  Isn't he cute?
Almost done.

Timmins, Ontario, Canada
May 10, 2001

Let me begin by telling you a little about Andrew.  He's a busy little 6 yr old boy with tons of spirit and spunk!  When he was 4, he and I travelled to Ottawa.  He needed surgery on his eye.  We stayed at the Ronald McDonald House for 2 weeks, and while there, we met a family whose youngest son, Matthew (3) has cancer.  When Andrew and Matthew started chumming around, Andrew questioned him a few times about his hair, or lack of it.  That was a perfect opportunity to teach Andrew about Cancer, its' treatments and why these affected kids are so special.  He and Matthew became inseparable for those two weeks.  Last summer, we went to visit with them on our vacation (they live about 9 hours away from us).  Matthew is in remission, thank the Lord, and now sports a brilliant smile.

"COPS for CANCER" is a fundraiser started by a Police Officer in Alberta a few years ago.  He met a young boy with cancer, who had no hair.  He had been teased constantly so the officer decided to shave his head to support this young fella!  An idea was born, and from there, it's grown to include all of Canada.

These are some of the volunteers who raised money to shave their heads.  Andrew is on the bottom of the photo.
WTG Coronation School!

Today, not only do the Cops and Firemen partake, but so do the schools and the local Mall.  At Andrew's school, 20 people canvassed for pledges to get their heads shaved.  Firemen, parents and students participated.  They raised just under $2500 in their school alone!  WTG. Andrew raised $106.65 on his own! This is my second year volunteering as "Head Shaver" at the school and I had the fortune of shaving my own son's head.  Ohhhh...  it took all I had not to blubber and choke up when it was Andrew's turn in my chair.  Proud Mom or what? 

I just told Andrew how much I loved him! How he makes me so proud to be his Mom!     :)
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Dear Andrew:
As I sit here creating this page, I can't help but feel overwhelmed by the wonderful thing you did today!
You just may have saved me and many others from this awful disease which affects so many people around the world.
Your dedication, drive and donation have made me the proudest Mom in the whole world!  Words can't express how unselfish you are.  The funds you helped raise provide much needed avenues for scientists and doctors to find a cure.
I am so lucky to have a son like you, and a daughter like Amy who supported you today, and said you looked cuter with a bald head!  Hehe.
I love you to the moon and back, forever and ever!
Love Mom ;)