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Hello everyone, welcome to my little corner on the web.
I'm Lisa, aka nlights.  I've been loving every moment I spend on my computer.

OK.... so I play this online game... (like most people who are online do), but this is different. Honest!
Here's a hint:  Go2Jail, Pass Go, Boardwalk, Ventnor Ave, Atlantic Ave, The Dog, Community Chest, Luxury Tax... and the list goes on and on.
Monopoly you're wondering?
Click here to see my team bio page: Go2Jail(tm)?
Well ... if you play acrophobia, you might know! I'm on the coolest
ACROPHOBIA TEAM, guessed it:
and I'm the JAILGIRL!
I got the "cuffs", fuzzy ones, silver ones, blue ones...
Check out the links, and get some info about acro, joining an acro team, team acro itself!
AcroChallenge is a new acro game, replacing Acrophobia.  It's got some bugs, but it sure fills the acro addiction well!  Give it  a try by clicking on the link.

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